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Accreditation Process


Accreditation is intended to ensure that graduates from social work programs are equipped to achieve the professional competencies and learning outcomes necessary for entry into professional practice.

The Accreditation Framework

Implementing a Framework for program accreditation assists with overall consistency and transparency which has a number of benefits:

  • Building an understanding and better communication between stakeholders, including other government organisations.
  • Consistency, rigour and transparency with minimum standards for accredited courses and process.
  • Mutual recognition of graduates’ completion of accredited programs based on consistent understanding and application of the Standards and requirements.
  • Consistency of approach to accreditation submissions and assessment of Higher Education Provider practices and processes.


The Accreditation Framework provides an enhanced accreditation system whilst maintaining the AASW commitment to a collegial and collaborative engagement with Higher Education Providers and stakeholders.

Accreditation Process

The requirements for Providers are set out in the Australian Social Work Education and Accreditation Standards (ASWEAS). These accreditation standards are, in turn, informed by the principles, values and professional competencies outlined in the AASW Code of Ethics (2020) and the AASW Practice Standards (2023).

Meeting ASWEAS standards ensures Providers design and deliver social work programs that clearly equip entry-level social workers to practise safely and effectively, thus making them eligible for membership of the AASW.

The current ASWEAS and associated templates and guidelines can be accessed below.



To assist with completion of the Application for program accreditation, please find suggested templates below which a Provider can download or choose to use their own.

For site visit schedule, please refer to the following sample template.


The below guidelines provide further advice for providers regarding implementing the ASWEAS in their BSW and MSW (Q) programs.

To provide more detailed information regarding the accreditation process please utilise the below guides. 


Types of Accreditation Outcomes

  • Full Accreditation

Approval would be sought as a recommendation of the Accreditation Assessment Panel for a period of five years, following the latest assessment of the Provider submission, site visit and annual reports received over the assessment period.

  • Conditional accreditation

Approval would be sought as a recommendation of the Accreditation Assessment Panel when a program substantially meets the requirements for accreditation.

  • Provisional Accreditation

Approval would be sought as a recommendation of the Accreditation Assessment Panel for a new Provider offering a program for the first time, or an existing Provider adding a new social work course that has not yet delivered its first graduates.


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