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Accredited Mental Health Social Workers

Experts in Complexity GP Campaign 2019


The GP Campaign

An advertising campaign to promote Accredited Health Social Workers (AMHSWs) to General Practitioner’s (GPs) has commenced and will run from July 2019 to March 2020. This campaign will highlight the value and services of AMHSW’s to GPs. An advertisement will feature in the RACGP’s journal three times, which has a distribution of over 37,000 GPs and relevant stakeholders in Australia.

Campaign Support Material

To compliment the GP advertising campaign, marketing material has been developed for AMHSWs to use in promoting their own services and practice. These marketing tools will support AMHSWs with consistent brand identity that aligns with the GP advertisements. The tools include

  • The full campaign in high resolution format, labelled AASW AMHSW Full Campaign – High Resolution Version
  • Five social media versions of the campaign, set up for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, including cover and post images
  • Six infographic images on relevant information regarding AMHSWs. These designs are visual images that can be used online, in social media posts or as part of your print work, to support text and other promotional messaging.

All tools have been set up as JPG files, appropriate sizes and resolutions to assist with digital and print mediums.

How Can AMHSWs Use These Marketing Tools?

The marketing tools can be used in the following ways

1. Email signature banners
2. Website tiles
3. Social media banners
4. Screensavers
5. Newsletters and other messaging
6. Brochures, posters and other marketing collateral
7. Business cards
8. Business stationary
9. PowerPoint presentations
10. Advertisements

If you would like further information regarding the campaign or support with the marketing tools please contact Ruby Dubash, Marketing Lead on or 03 9320 1026.

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