Practice Standards

Practice Standards

The AASW Practice Standards 2023 was published in May 2023 following a thorough consultation, to reflect current practice. Read it to see how much has changed since 2013.

The updated Practice Standards separate and articulate the profession’s commitments to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, human rights and social justice and encapsulate culture, identity and intersectionality in practice.

The AASW self-regulates the profession. As such, the Practice Standards are part of the suite of documents that regulate the profession, which includes the Code
of Ethics 2020
and the Australian Social Work Education and Accreditation Standards (ASWEAS) 2021

The Practice Standards directly aligns with the Code of Ethics 2020. Its purpose is
to promote trust and confidence in the profession for the public and service

The Practice Standards crystalize the core elements of practice for social workers and for those who use their services, including policy-makers, employers, and other professionals working in related sectors.

AASW Practice Standards FEB 2023 

AASW Practice Standards 2023 Poster (PDF 674 kb)