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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The CPD Policy has been updated, effective date 15 July 2020.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process through which qualified AASW members maintain, improve and broaden their skills, knowledge and expertise, and develop the qualities required for professional practice. CPD is an ongoing process throughout a career informed by the changing practice environment, professional domains, new information and community need.

AASW Members are responsible for their own professional development in accordance with the AASW CPD Policy. Requirements may be met through participation in CPD activities provided by the AASW and/or external providers. To record a professional development activity towards a CPD goal, members are required to ensure the activity is relevant to them and is consistent with the categories defined in the CPD Policy. For details of CPD goals and further information about CPD please refer to the CPD Policy and the FAQs.

Your record of professional development activities should be kept in your ‘My CPD Record’ in your Member Centre on the AASW website (member log-in required).


P: 03 9320 1000

Important links

Creating a CPD Plan

Important documents

Update 'My CPD Record'

CPD requirements for AMHSW

Frequently Asked Questions about CPD

Events Calendar

The events calendar displays upcoming professional development opportunities throughout the country. The AASW CPD Endorsed list details external providers who have been assessed as meeting the AASW's CPD Quality Assurance Standards. Activities in the events calendar that are: free, available at a discounted rate for AASW members and or relevant to Focused Psychological Strategies are identified as such.


Is the AASW online training platform - for further information please click here

CPD Providers

Please be advised that the AASW CPD Endorsement service has ceased effective 1 October 2020. For more information please click here.


The resources page contains a list of free online CPD opportunities to access click here

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