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World Social Work Day 2018

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World Social Work Day is celebrated each year on the third Tuesday of each March. This year, it falls on Tuesday, 20 March 2018. World Social Work Day is when we celebrate and recognise social workers as champions for social justice, self-determination and human rights.

Social workers are skilled, knowledgeable and specialise in issues related to social and emotional wellbeing. Working holistically with individuals, families and communities, social workers are passionate advocates for a fairer Australia. Thank you for joining us in celebrations around the country this World Social Work Day.

AASW Christine Craik World Social Work Day address 2018

Keynote address - Emeritus Professor Gillian Triggs

AASW CEO Cindy Smith Health Professional Radio podcast


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Media release - Northern Territorians asked to nominate a social worker for prestigious award for World Social Work Day

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Social media

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Our social media Thunderclap was a big success, as you can see from above, with 313 supporters, reaching 170,000 people in their networks, in 12 countries in 157 cities in the 33 days we ran the campaign. Thank you to those who joined the campaign.

We asked you to share your social work stories for social media and you did! You gave us your inspiring social work stories in 50 words and supplied photos. Here they are:


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World Social Work Day Event Checklist

World Social Work Day Event Runsheet

World Social Work Day letter template for agencies

World Social Work Day letter template for MPs/Councillors/Mayors

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