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AASW’s Policy Position on Health

Consistent with the values stated in our Code of Ethics the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals, the AASW supports a fully funded, comprehensive and inclusive Medicare system. Human rights and social justice cannot be achievable in a user-pays system, which results in further-entrenched inequality and disadvantage. Social workers bring a unique, non-medical perspective to health care, with a cultural, systems, person-in-environment focus. We endorse the growing acceptance of the principle that people can exercise informed choice over the services that they will receive. Empowering people to exercise control in their lives is consistent with a rights-based approach to human wellbeing and promotes the principle of self-determination that social work has long upheld. Nevertheless, we understand that ensuring that individuals can exercise choice will not automatically overcome the structural causes of injustice. Such long-term change relies on the work towards broader social goals that has been described above (AASW, 2017).

Position Statements



August 2016

Position statement: Allied Health Assistants

July 2011

Health Reform Position Paper

Policy Submissions



July 2020 Covid 19 Inquiry Submission

March 2017

Submission to the Australian Government Productivity Commission Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services: Reforms to Human Services Draft Report

January 2016

Submission to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs: Dental and allied health arrangements review (Redacted for publication)

July 2015

June 2015

Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Identifiers: Legislation Discussion Paper

Media Releases



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March 2011

National Primary Health Care Partnership position on regional Primary Health Care


March 2016

AASW Submission to the Primary Health Care Advisory Group: Summary of main points

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