Social Work Student of the Year

Social Work Student of the Year Award

This award will acknowledge a student in 2022 / 23 and whose essay or project enhances and stimulates innovation and quality outcomes in social work.  To be eligible, the essay must have been completed, or the project undertaken, during the period 01 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Who can be nominated?

 An undergraduate, Bachelor of Social Work or Master of Social Work student currently enrolled as a student or have graduated in 2022/2023.

 Nominees must be a current financial student member or new graduate member of the AASW and be of good standing with the AASW.

Who can nominate a Nominee?

Only Third-Party nominations will be considered.  This includes academics who have supervised, reviewed or otherwise worked with the Nominee.  Nominators are encouraged to engage with the Nominee directly in the submission process.

Terms and Conditions

Nominations will be made through a “call for nominations” announced by the AASW in August 2023.

The Award submission must have at its core either:

  • A paper explaining the project, its objectives, parameters, methodology and conclusions, or;
  • An essay.

Nominations must be submitted through the AASW’s designated submission process.

The Award Committee will consider all nominations based on the above criteria.

The submission of the project paper or essay will contribute 100% of the overall score for consideration of this Award.

The Award Committee will consider nominations that meet all eligibility and requirements.

The Award Committee reserves the right to reject nominations that do not meet the requirements outlined within this document or are not received by the submission deadline.  The AASW will keep confidential their discussions and deliberations on nominees and will not provide feedback regarding their decisions.  Award winners will be announced at the 2023 AASW Online Health Symposium on 16 November 2023. 


  1. Outline the ways in which the Nominee has made a demonstrable difference to:
  • Advocacy for clients and social policy (Maximum word limit: 200 / Worth: 20 percent)
  • Social work practice (Maximum word limit: 200 / Worth: 20 percent)
  1. Explain in what ways the Nominee demonstrates outstanding leadership. (Maximum word limit: 400 / Worth: 20 percent)
  2. How has the Nominee contributed to a positive image for the social work profession? (Maximum word limit: 400 / Worth: 20 percent)
  3. Outline the outstanding results achieved by the Nominee in this qualifying period. (Maximum word limit: 400 / Worth: 20 percent)

Additional Required Information

  1. Provide a 100-word overview that describes the nominee, including their current role. This short profile may be used for promotional purposes or at the Awards presentation. (Maximum word limit: 100)
  2. Provide a colour head and shoulder photograph of the nominee on a blank background. The image should be high resolution (preferably 300 dpi, no less than 2 Mb image) so that it can be used for print media and other promotions.

Nomination closing date

Nominations must be submitted by 5:00pm AEDT on Friday 29 September 2023.  Nominations received after the closing date will not be considered.