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AASW organisational structure

The AASW is governed by a Board, which is elected by and accountable to the membership. The Board is supported by a range of structures, including committees, standing committees, advisory groups and practice groups which assist it to fulfil its role and responsibilities and provide critical grassroots input from members on the direction and work of the association.

  • Committees of the Board are appointed by the Board in relation to core matters such as governance (e.g. Finance and Risk Committee and National Ethics Panel) and relationships (e.g. Membership Committee and Reconciliation Working Group).
  • Standing committees are ongoing committees appointed to support a particular function of the association.
  • Advisory groups are appointed to address key issues of the moment, drawing on members’ expert knowledge in the strategic area of interest of the Advisory Group. Advisory Groups are generally appointed following a call for expressions of interest and are guided by terms of reference.
  • Practice groups are formed by members around areas of social work practice and policy.

Current advisory groups

AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers