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Mind the Gap: a professional development course for health professionals addressing mental health and psychological distress for people living with advanced chronic and terminal illness in the last year of life
Endorsed CPD: 2 day workshop

This course will support and enhance the skills and knowledge required by Health Care Professionals across a variety of health care settings, to effectively acknowledge and respond to the complex mental health needs and psychological issues of people living with an advanced chronic and terminal illness, and that of their family and caregivers as they approach the last year of life. Health Care Professionals, especially Social Workers, encounter people living with the impacts of advanced chronic and terminal illness or their families and loved ones. Knowing how to screen and assess for psychological distress or mental health issues and then having access to evidence based therapeutic skills and knowledge to respond appropriately and in a timely, patient centered manner can impact positively on the individual's quality of life and that of their loved ones.

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TBA Take Charge of Your Life
Endorsed CPD: 1 day workshop

The information in this one day course is a condensed opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in internal control psychology. The concepts presented in this course are those of Choice Theory® psychology which is an explanation of how the brain functions to integrate information. The aim of presenting a one day course is to encourage people to participate in CPD training in internal control psychology. Participants of this course can then go onto participate in the Basic Intensive Training with a one day credit. It is hoped that this creates a more flexible option for people for training as it can be hard to book in for 4 day courses.

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Alice Springs, NT
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