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Published: 17 August 2021

In December 2020, we started a new podcast called 'Social Work People', hosted by AASW Senior Policy Adviser Angela Scarfe and produced by Chris Ashmore. The first 'Social Work People' episode aired in January 2021.

The podcast drops a new episode on the first Wednesday of each month and receives more than 500 listens per episode.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

You can listen to our podcast on these platforms and more.

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What is a podcast?

Listening to a podcast is a bit similar to listening to a radio program. It is a digital audio file which can be streamed or downloaded from the internet and listened to on various digital devices and through numerous online services. A lot of people listen on their phones, but you can also listen on a desktop PC. A podcast can be a one-off but is often a series of episodes.

What is the editorial format of your podcasts?

AASW Senior Policy Adviser Angela Scarfe hosts and researches the podcasts. We have partnered with producer Chris Ashmore to produce and present a monthly podcast, bringing voices of the Australian Association of Social Workers to the ears of social workers and other interested parties. Subjects will vary month to month but include subjects of the moment and inspirational people in social work practice.

Will you take feedback from members?

Yes, email us at [email protected] if you have suggestions and ideas for future episodes.

How can I listen to your podcast?

There are a number of ways you can tune in to our podcast:

You can simply go to our podcast host and click the episode you want to listen to at your computer.

Social Work People podcast

You can go to the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad, or on an Android device go to the Google Podcasts App and search for 'Social Work People'.

You can also find us on Spotify and RSS Feed.

Please note it can take longer for some platforms to upload podcasts which makers have no control over.

However you listen, you can stream or download our podcast - downloading is when you transfer the audio file onto your device, whereas streaming means you are continuously streaming the data (both will consume the same amount of data, but streaming will consume both data and generally a lot of battery and means you will need a continuous internet connection, whereas you can play downloaded podcasts offline).

You can also subscribe to our podcast to get notified of the latest episode and download it automatically.

Why are you doing a podcast?

We strive to engage with our members through a variety of channels to keep them informed and involved with our work and podcasting is a growing trend. Edison Research in 2021 said:

Podcasting awareness is high, with 91% of Australians reporting being aware of podcasting, significantly higher than the 78% of those in the U.S. who are familiar with podcasting. Monthly listening to podcasts by Australians is almost equal to that of those in the U.S.: 37% of Australians age 12+ are monthly podcast listeners compared with 41% of those in the U.S. The same goes for weekly podcast listening: 26% of Australians age 12+ are weekly podcast listeners compared with 28% of those in the U.S.

We also have a podcast called Social Work Australia, which houses various AASW audio content since 2018.

Do you take advertising on the podcast?

As of 2022, yes we do! We get more than 500 listens per month. Download our Media Kit to find out more.

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