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AASW Practitioner Research Grants

AASW Practitioner Research Grant

Practitioner based research provides an important contribution to the evidence and knowledge base of social work. The AASW is committed to promoting a culture of research within the profession; positioning the AASW as an important stakeholder in research and contributing to the development of the evidence base for social work practice and policy.

To contribute to and support social work research, the AASW awards, annually, a research grant of $5,000 to an AASW member/s to support a research project in an area of social work practice. This grant is available to social work practitioners who do not have direct links to formal research institutions, and who have limited access to research funding.

The grant is available to provide financial support to meet the costs of conducting the research including (but not limited to) staffing, travel, library services, recording equipment, software or administrative support.

AASW Practitioner Research Grant 2017/2018 Round

Applications for the AASW Practitioner Research Grant 2017/18 round are now open.

Applications will close Friday 1st September.
*Late applications not accepted

Please access the Grant Information and Requirements, including the funding rules and key selection criteria.

Once you have read and understood this information, please submit a completed application form, including any additional relevant information or appendices to For further information about this research grant please contact us at or on 03 9320 1066.

AASW Practitioner Research Grant 2017-18 Application Form

AASW Practitioner Research Grant 2017-18 Information and Requirements


  • The practice research must be in line with the AASW objectives.
  • The practice research will address a significant social work practice issue.
  • The Researcher will be prepared to present the research at a relevant conference.
  • The Researcher will be prepared to submit an article to the Australian Social Work journal for consideration for publication.


  • Expressions of interest are due in September each year (date is confirmed coser to the date).
  • Successful applicant notified early November of each year
  • Research project commencement - immediately after successful applicant notified. Funding is available for 12 months.
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