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Supervision Standards and Professional Supervisor Directory

Supervision Standards 2014

The AASW Supervision Standards 2014 were endorsed by the AASW Board of Directors at their meeting in May 2014.

The Standards articulate expectations for the professional supervision of social workers in the current and varied contexts which social work is practised in Australia.

AASW Supervision Standards 2014

AASW Annual Supervision Report

The Standards include a section applicable to social workers who provide supervision to fellow social workers and to other professionals (Section 9.1) as well as a section applicable to social workers in accessing supervision from a social work supervisor or a professional supervisor from a relevant professional background.* (Section 9.2).

*The AASW recommends that social workers access supervision from experienced social work practitioners however acknowledges that some social workers choose to access external supervision from professionals other than social workers as well as acknowledges that some social workers are often supervised by other allied professionals in agency contexts.

The Standards also include recommendations around frequency and duration of supervision for social workers depending on practice experience and context of practice (Section 9.3).

Please direct any questions or queries regarding the Standards to or call 03 9320 1000.

Professional Supervisor Directory - How to create a listing

The new, member only professional supervisor directory is now available for members who wish to advertise their professional supervisory services.

The new online national directory has replaced the previous Branch managed supervisor registers and has new eligibility requirements. Members wishing to advertise their supervisory services need to:

Eligible members can create a listing via the member centre by clicking on the link Manage your listing in our 'Find a Social Worker' and 'Find a Supervisor' directories.

To access an information sheet outlining the steps required to create a listing in the AASW Advanced Search Directory (to create a listing on both the 'Find a supervisor' and the 'Find a social worker' directory), click here.

Please contact the Professional Standards team on 03 9320 1000 or at with any questions about the registration process.

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