Practice and Careers

Support & Resources

The AASW Practice and Careers area hosted within the MyAASW portal is a member benefit which offers a one-stop information resource based on your career stage or field of practice.  Here you will find relevant and useful tools, templates, articles, documents, videos, links, and other supporting items within logical sub-tiles such as Social Policy & Advocacy, Professional Networking, Credentials, and more. The areas currently available, and regularly updated are listed below, with new practice fields being developed and added on an ongoing basis. If yours is not here now, please check back later and in the meantime visit the MyAASW Resources tab to view our extensive resource library.

An example of resources in the various sections include:

  • Recommended Schedule of Fees
  • How to prepare before applying for a credential
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Becoming a Supervisor
  • Case note recording for social workers
  • MBS items schedule for social workers
  • Trauma informed care and practice guide
  • Mandatory reporting by professionals to child protection authorities guide

And many more.


Supervision is an ongoing activity of social workers and central to their professional identity and growth across all roles and organisational settings.  This set of resources has been developed and sourced to support social workers receiving supervision, becoming a supervisor and providing supervision, it covers supervision as an individual, in groups and in peer environments. 

Mental Health

Mental Health is an issue that touches all practice areas of social work.  This set of resources has been developed and sourced to support social workers working in the mental health space, including information on Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) and details on becoming an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) which makes you eligible to be a Medicare Provider.

Child Protection

Child protection social workers have an invaluable role with children and families to respond to concerns about risks to children’s safety and wellbeing. Child protection social workers support the safety of children to reduce the effects of trauma, children are either supported with safety planning to stay at home or supported in placements.  This set of resources has been developed and sourced to support your work in this important practice area.


As a Social Work Graduate you are at the beginning of your career journey. This set of resources has been developed and sourced to support your journey through the TRANSITION from finishing University to starting your employment eg applying for and obtaining a job, through ADJUSTMENT while you settle into your position and seek to develop personally, GROWTH as you develop as a social worker, expanding your role and skillset and finally SUSTAINING your social work career.

Private Practice

Social workers in private practice can be self-employed in their own practice or work for someone else who is.  They work in a private social work setting rather than an organisation such as a government agency or not-for-profit.  If you are considering starting in private practice (or you have already made the move), this set of resources has been developed to offer information relevant to social workers in or starting private practice.