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AASW National Symposium 2020 'Promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work' Recordings Package

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Venue: Online

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Watch the recordings of the AASW National Symposium 2020 'Promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work' presentations.

The one day event brought together a wide range of professionals, key industry groups and stakeholders from across the health and human services to discuss and promote thoughts on the social work practices and ideas that shape Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander social work culture, research and teaching.

Included in the package:

Keynote Speaker: Dr Stephanie Gilbert


  • A Model of Art Therapy within a Preschool for Aboriginal Children - Shiri Hergass
  • AHLO Weekend service provides connection for indigenous patients during Covid 19 - Alicia Morris
  • Aboriginal case management as trauma therapy for all - Richard Scott
  • Asking the identifying question - do you identify as being Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin? - AJ William-Tchen
  • Being aboriginal - the intersection of Critical Indigenous Studies and Social Work Education - Amy Cleland
  • Building Bridges across social work - a critical reflection of policy and practice with Indigenous communities - Jack Whitney & Adele Magro
  • Bush tucker game - Skye Wilson
  • Decolonising social work - a Wiradyuri ecosocial work perspective - Sue Green
  • First Nations perspectives informing the Master of Social Work in regional Victoria - McMahon, Modderman, Best
  • First Nations' teaching and learning approaches to social work education as decolonization - Caroline Atkinson
  • Heart Conversations - Mentors influencing an Aboriginal woman's journey through State wardship to Social Work and research - Lee Daffy
  • Indigenous young people leaving out of home care in Australia - Philip Mendes
  • Let's yarn about it - a culturally relevant social work supervision model - Brodie & Cooper
  • Living our values - Establishing partnerships and placements between Aboriginal Agencies and higher education - McConachy, Parsons Orr
  • Navigating the Treacherous Seas of Technology to facilitate Narrative Therapeutic Group Work - Lucy van Sambeek
  • Navigating the barriers to relationship building with Aboriginal Australians - Karen Holl
  • SA Health's Watto Purrunna Aboriginal Primary Health's Proud Women Strong Families Social and Emotional Wellbeing Program - Tania Hall
  • Supporting a Healthier Future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children - Emma Puddy
  • The development of specific journal editorial guidelines for authors writing on Indigenous peoples - Bindi Bennett
  • The 'Come as you can' Trauma Informed therapy pilot - Jason Newman
  • Understanding Historical Legislative Implications and Consequences on Health Outcomes for Indigenous people - Madeline Mitchell
  • Understanding the Aboriginal experience of assimilation as trauma, and the implications for welfare practitioners - Karen Menzies & Rebekah Grace
  • What works for whom: Evidence based social work practice - Kate Doswell
  • Yarning about work: Clinical supervision with an Indigenous workforce - Lauren Buckley
  • 'Bequeathed suffering' mental health formulation in the context of intergenerational trauma - Geraldene Mackay
  • 'Getting a life' with help from aged and disability support services - Lee Laragy

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