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Ongoing Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning - 20+ online and face-to-face workshops
Endorsed CPD: Online Training

The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning (Learning Centre) is a Queensland Health based training provider, offering a range of education options to mental health professionals and other health professionals who are seeking core mental health education.

Online and face-to-face learning opprotunities avaiable.

*FPS relevant activities*

*Free content for QLD Health staff*

Brisbane, Qld
23rd Nov 2019 Incorporating MANDALAS in therapy sessions - art therapy
Endorsed CPD: 1 day workshop

In this one-day event you will learn how to change the repetitive pattern that emerge in in your client's life using/creating/ modifying mandalas in a symbolic way.

Brisbane, Qld
26 November 2019 Greening Out - Supporting Young People Using Cannabis - Introductory skills for practce
Endorsed CPD: 3 Hour workshop

Foundation skills for understanding, assessing and responding to cannabis use in young people.

Gold Coast, Qld
28th Nov 2019 Promoting resilience in older people - a practical strengths based approach in support of the many challenges of old age
Endorsed CPD: 1 day workshop

Why are some people ageing with a great sense of freedom and others with a sense of despair? Is it just a matter of attitude? What does the current research say about ageing with resilience? Evidence suggests that emotional wellbeing generally increases with age unless the older person is experiencing some major health issue or disadvantage (Centre for Mental Health 2014).

*This training may qualify for Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS) CPD. Please refer to the Dept. of Health website for more information.

Brisbane, Qld
6th Dec 2019 Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner Certification Training
Endorsed CPD: 3 day workshop

The EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Certification is a 3 day engaging and deeply interactive course. Over the 3 days you will learn how to use EFT for yourself, with individual clients and in groups. There is also a short pre training to complete online. The wide range of benefits of EFT as a therapeutic tool is being increasingly recognised, largely due to numerous research studies conducted to assess the benefits of the modality. You will learn to use EFT to reduce stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, cravings, pain, phobias and more…

The EFT Certification is suitable for participants from all levels of the Social work profession – from student to advanced practitioner.

*AASW member discount**

Brisbane, Qld
7-8 Feb 2020 Peaceful Kids Training
Endorsed CPD: 2 day workshop

Peaceful Kids Facilitator Training. ‘Peaceful Kids’ is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children from Prep to Year 12. The program gives children the skills, practice and support to utilise coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress. This program helps children to build their emotional resilience and lessen anxiety and stress symptoms through Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.

Brisbane, Qld
26-27 Mar 2020 Gottman Marital Therapy - Level 1 - Bridging the couple chasm - a research based approach
Endorsed CPD: 2 day workshop

Help couples in your practice manage conflict and deepen intimacy! This is the first step in learning Gottman Method Couples Therapy. A truly inspiring workshop, Level 1 Training will give you new insights into treatment for couples who struggle, using research-based assessments and effective interventions.

Brisbane, Qld
Mar - Nov 2020 Postgraduate training course in Clinical Hypnosis
Endorsed CPD: online and face to face year long course

The Society’s Postgraduate Training Course in Clinical Hypnosis content, structure, format and inbuilt exercises and assessment will provide social workers with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to effectively utilise clinical hypnosis in their specific professional setting. The Diploma course is unique in that it consists of online study modules undertaken in the home or office, but which are built into a framework of collegial face-to-face training days to promote actual skills acquisition.

Brisbane, Qld
31 March 2020 The Attachment Dilemma: "I hate you – Don't leave me" | "Meh"!
Endorsed CPD: workshop

Harnessing the fairytale of Snow White as a metaphor, this workshop provides practical strategies for the treatment of complex trauma. The concepts outlined are applicable to all trauma-related symptoms, behaviours and diagnosis.

* FPS Relevant *

Brisbane, Qld
23-25 Jul 2019 Gottman Marital Therapy - Level 2 Assessment, interventions and co-morbidities
Endorsed CPD: 3 day workshop

Deepen your understanding of Gottman Method Couples Therapy and expand your strategies and interventions in your work with couples. Practice using Gottman Method interventions in group role-plays while receiving personal, supportive coaching from trainers. This workshop provides a wealth of information about relationship theory, observation, couple dynamics, relationship assessment, treatment planning, when and how to use interventions, and working with co-morbidities. All materials may be used in clinical settings.

Brisbane, Qld
12-13 Oct 2020 The Double-Bind: Dissociation vs Mindfulness in bonding, attachment, traumatic injury and repair
Endorsed CPD: 2 day workshop

In this two-day training we will explore the function and processes of dissociation and learn why mindfulness is so terrifying yet fundamental to healing. We will take a tour of the most primitive and most expansive areas of humanity in order to learn how to bring quality and peace to our own, as well as our clients, life.

Brisbane, Qld
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