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The Use of Advanced Forms of Mindfulness in Social Work Practice

Event Details
Date: 19th February 2018
Time: 9:00am to 5.00pm
Venue: AASW Melbourne Office, VIC
State: Victoria
CPD hrs: 7 hours

AASW Members: $150

Non-members: $190

Organiser: AASW Victorian Branch
Further information

Phone: 03 9320 1012

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General information

Mindfulness meditation has proven its value by producing wonderful results in many settings. At the same time, much more is possible when it is combined with a practice called Grounding. Grounding enables practitioners to extend their use of mindfulness to many more settings and to other processes that are often currently thought to be beyond the immediate value of mindfulness. By combining the two processes such limitations dissolve and many other outcomes become possible. The workshop will involve introducing grounding and expanding established mindful processes by integrating them with it. Grounding enables practitioners to engage mindfully and effectively to promote change in people struggling with everyday issues or troubled by seriously challenging situations, events and people. The combined processes produce powerful change, encourage sustained equilibrium, and lead to natural resolutions. Since its first development in the late 1970s, thousands of people have tested it personally and professionally.

Learning objectives:

  • to understand mindfulness combined with grounding, and;
  • to learn the processes by which grounding produces resolution, balance and completion in many different situations.

Who should attend

Social workers with at least two years of experience helping clients with personal, physical, emotional, cognitive, and/or medical issues.

Learner prerequisites

It would help to have had several months or over a year's experience with the personal practice of some form of mindfulness meditation.

About the presenter

Ken Mellor developed this material in the late 1970s and has been teaching it Australia and internationally since 1980. Many professional and lay people have received great personal and other benefits from the approach. He has also had multiple papers about grounding published in the peer reviewed International Transactional Analysis Journal, plus won a prize in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Spirituality Category). He will give a copy of this book to all who attend the workshop. Ken was also a lecturer in Social Work in the Social Work Department of the University of Melbourne, and has been a training/supervising member of the International Transactional Analysis Association since 1975. He is still also a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. He has a total of 47 years in professional private practice.


AASW Melbourne Office
Level 7, 14-20 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

Our venue is close to Flemington Road and near the Royal Women's and Royal Melbourne Hospitals.

Please note: We recommend travelling via public transport if possible. Our office is close to the CBD and a short walk from the Haymarket Walk/Elizabeth Street tram stop (trams 19 & 59) and the Grattan Street tram stop (trams 55 & 59). Parking in the area is generally on-street, metered parking and is limited. There are limited 2 hour free street parking spaces near-by in Courtney Street or metered 4 hour parking in Blackwood Street, Howard Street and surrounds.

There is also a parking facility at the VCCC building that offers safe car parking every day of the week from 6:00am to 9:00pm. Cost is $14 for 1-2 hours or $20.

There are facilities available outside the building to lock bikes.


AASW members: $150
Regular: $190


Please see details on the right of this page to register. 7 CPD hours.

Registrations have reached capacity. Due to popular demand, a second workshop will take place on 7 May 2018. Register at The Use of Advanced Forms of Mindfulness in Social Work Practice 2.

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