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Credentialing Program - Your Distinction

Your Distinction: Find out more

AASW is launching the Your Distinction Program. This program introduces six new credentials in the areas of Family Violence, Clinical, Disability, Supervision, Child Protection and Aged Care. These are in addition to our existing accredited social worker and accredited mental health social worker credentials.

The expansion of the AASW credentialing program is to recognise a specialisation in social work practice in a range of areas. The program assures clients and their families, the Australian community, employers and funding bodies that accredited social workers have acquired a notable level of expertise in their field of practice. AASW accreditation means Your Distinction in the social work sector, your area of expertise and your career journey. These new credentials raise the profile of the social work profession and enhance your employment opportunities.

Why Should I Become Accredited?

There are many benefits from becoming accredited

  • Credentials are a symbol of quality and established competency
  • Credentials are a sector indicator of achieved experience and capability
  • Your Distinction – a credential establishes that you have achieved recognition in your field of practice
  • Commitment to ongoing excellence – the credential demonstrates the currency of your skills and knowledge by setting a high standard of continuous professional development that validates your commitment to excellence
  • A formalised community of practice and network of peers – through sharing of knowledge and experiences and delivering on best practice
  • Continuous professional development opportunities – access to targeted training and development to support your professional development goals
  • Peer and professional recognition – improved employment and leadership opportunities
  • Receive dedicated information for social workers in family violence - stay up to date with industry changes, future trends, thought leaders and developments.

The six new AASW credentials will be launched over the next year to recognise advanced social work practices in the following specialist areas

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