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AASW Credentialing Program

The AASW is expanding its credentialing program to recognise advanced social work practice in a range of specialist areas. The objective is the establishment of clearer career pathways to specialist fields of practice and standards for employers recruiting social workers for specialist roles.

The AASW currently has a process for credentialing accredited social workers as well as accredited mental health social workers. In the coming months, we will be adding to the credentials that members can apply for, with the first of the new credentials being Family Violence from 1 July. There will be accredited specialists in Family Violence, Clinical, Disability, Supervisor, Child Protection and Aged Care social work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are credentials?

‘Eligibility for AASW membership’ has been to date the industry benchmark for social work practice in Australia. However, ‘eligibility’ speaks only to having met minimal entry level education requirements; whereas a credential signifies that the holder has additional training, experience, supervision and accountability.

Obtaining an AASW credential/s needs to be valued as a next progression in a social worker’s professional career, as credentialing extends beyond the educational degree and denotes professional commitment and achievement and represents certified knowledge and experience in a specific area of practice.

Why should I become credentialed?

AASW credentialing has the potential to offer many benefits to members, government, employers, industry and the public. For example:

  • Credentials indicate having met recognised standards and competencies in an area of social work practice
  • Credentials are verification that the social worker has a renewable commitment to excellence and expertise in the specific field of practice
  • Credentials indicate quality and accountable social workers to industry, government, employers and the public
  • Credentials bring leadership opportunities and recognition by peers and other professionals
  • Credentials have the potential to establish social workers who choose to obtain and maintain an AASW credential as a preferred practitioner in some fields of practice (e.g. AMHSW in the provision of Medicare services).

Expert Advisory Teams

In order to progress these credentials we are building Expert Advisory teams to define the advanced practice capabilities for each of the specialist areas. This process will enable the AASW to articulate the skills, knowledge and capabilities that are needed for advanced levels of practice in each specialist area. The first three specialist areas we will be looking at are Supervision, Disability and Clinical Social Work with appointments for Child Protection and Aged Care Social Work, made later in the year. You can apply to be a part of this important work using the below documents.

Please make sure you download the form before you start entering your information to ensure that your work is saved.

Clinical Social Worker - Expert Advisor

Disability Social Worker - Expert Advisor

Supervision - Expert Advisor

Casual Assessors - Accredited Family Violence Social Work applications

We are seeking expressions of interest for specialist family violence social workers to assess applications for Accredited Family Violence Social Worker status.

You will be a family violence social worker with current AASW membership and expert knowledge of the family violence and social services sector. You can demonstrate a good working knowledge of social work and family violence capabilities and the requirements for good family violence practice. You also have experience in assessing quality standards/capabilities and/or experience in training of courses in family violence.

The assessments completed will be on a fee for service basis and assessors will be paid per assessment completed. After an initial training and quality assurance process this work can be completed from your own office with the applications for assessment accessible via a secure online portal.

The AASW will provide administrative and professional support, as well ensure the quality capabilities for assessments are met. Each assessment will need to be completed within a set timeframe. (The number of assessments required per month may vary and will be negotiated with you depending on demand and your capacity).

You can apply to be a part of this important work using the below document.

Please make sure you download the form before you start entering your information to ensure that your work is saved.

Casual Assessor - Accredited Family Violence Social Worker

Please contact Jo Hart or Simon Kuut for more information.

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