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Life Members of the AASW

The Australian Association of Social Workers has appointed the following people as Honorary Life Members as a result of their outstanding service to the Association. Over time, we hope to add profiles for each member.

The list is a work in progress. If you have evidence that an AASW member is also a Life Member or any other information relating to this list, please email it to

Life Members

Toosey Bannerman
Margaret Baulch
Colin Benjamin
Concetta Benn (dec.)
Christine Bigby
Robert Bland
Elspeth Browne
Robin Bowden
Claire Bundey (dec.)
Bernie Chatley
Jill Davidson
Mary Davidson
Mary Doughty
Margarita Frederico
Lauri Gardam
Stanley Greig Smith (dec.)
Margaret Grutzner (dec.)
Elery Hamilton-Smith (dec.)
Maria Harries
Nic Hastings-James
Robert Hinds
Audrey Hudspeth (dec.)
Catherine James
John Lawrence
Sabina Leitmann
Roma Lewi
Vivianne Maher (dec.)
Virginia Mansel Lees
Alison Mathew
Jane Miller
Millie Mills
Marie Mune
Elizabeth Ozanne
Norma Parker (dec.)
Dorothy Pearce (dec.)
Jim Poulter
Lorraine Price
Vera Raymer (dec.)
Joan Innes Reid (dec.)
Madge Sceriha (dec.)
Virginia Scott
Sheila Sim
Judy (H) Stacey
Lyra Taylor (dec.)
Len Tierney (dec.)
Sheila Truswell
Joan Tuxen (dec.)
Elizabeth Ward
Amy Wheaton (dec.)
Janet Whelan
Brian Wooller

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