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Together. Stronger. Influential.

Together. Stronger. Influential

It’s time to renew your membership. Renew by 30 June to take advantage of our early bird rates. Together, we unite to make our profession stronger. As one voice, we advance the future of the sector and support social workers in their career journey.

We asked our members what Together. Stronger. Influential. means to them. Here is what they said. We will add to these in the coming weeks.

June's Member Profile

AASW member JuneTogether - being part of the AASW community helps provide me with, and reinforces, a professional social work identity informed by values of social justice and fairness, underpinned by humane interactions between people. There are plenty of illustrations in Australia and beyond to demonstrate the continual need to strive for and act on such values and beliefs. For me, the AASW community provides a focal point for doing this. An added advantage is the formation of lasting friendships with people who share similar values and goals!

Stronger - standing united is a key way to counter attitudes, policies and practices that disadvantage and discriminate, and the AASW is a central means of doing this. A powerful voice on social issues, built on the values of social work and on the voices of a strong and diverse AASW membership, has a greater chance of influencing changes to unjust policies and practices in our communities. A strong membership, working together with other like-minded organisations, individuals and groups, will create greater opportunities to influence change.

Influential - I have devoted my social work career, especially in social work education, to promoting practice within a framework of social justice. I continue to work with and support local and international professionals with similar goals. Through my writing, I bring a critical social perspective to issues typically viewed through an individualistic lens. I hope this encourages us to question our assumptions and practices to open wider ranges of options and possibilities for the vulnerable among us. I also encourage and support social work practice research, important in building local practice knowledge and research skills.

Danika's Member Profile

Danika's photoTogether - it means having a collective voice to create change that support human rights and our professional integrity.

Stronger - standing united means our actions are more powerful to me.

Influential – I want to be a part of the change in the mental health sector, breaking down stigma and supporting those in the community. I can do this by joining the Mental Health Practice Group within my AASW branch, so that I am able to be a part of discussions, developments and networking which supports change.

Chris's Member Profile

ChrisTogether - being part of the AASW community means I feel supported, grounded and valued in being committed to change even when the going gets tough.

Stronger – standing united means speaking with one voice to make a difference for the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, through influencing social policy and social change.

Influential – by empowering and informing the community, colleagues with whom I work and fellow members of ASSW, that by speaking up about injustice one can achieve meaningful change.

Anita's Member Profile

Anita, AASW memberTogether - I have found my tribe in the AASW community and am inspired and energised by our collective fight for social justice, ethical practice and professionalism.

Stronger - standing united means that together we can achieve responsible governance, service accountability and a voice for our marginalised community members.

Influential - as a member of the AASW community, I continue to promote local and regional issues, establish networking and professional development opportunities for both experienced and new social workers, promote AASW membership within our region, develop the professional identity of social workers within the community and coordinate industry nights in collaboration with the AASW in rural and regional areas.

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