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NSW Groups

Practice Groups

Brain Injury

Martine Simons

Social Workers in Disability

Convenor position vacant

Oncology Social Workers

Angela Cotroneo

Palliative Care Social Workers

Convenor position vacant

Field Education

Convenor position vacant
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Social Workers in Private Practice

Joanne Cotterill

Men's Social Work

Neil Hall

Bathurst Social Workers

Anita Willey

Northern Rivers

Samantha Miller

School Social Workers

Jennie Coen

Aged Care

Annabelle Bains

Special Interest Groups

Senior Social Workers

Mary Doughty
(Please contact AASW NSW Branch office for details)

Mental Health

Maike Kaehler

Social Workers in HIV Tom Saetereie

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NSW Branch

P: 03 9320 1000 or 1800 630 124 (toll free alternative)

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