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Accredited Mental Health Social Workers

The Australian Association of Social Workers is the delegated assessing authority, on behalf of the federal government, for social workers interested in providing services through Medicare Australia. The assessment process is called accreditation as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW).


To be eligible to apply for an Allied Health Professional Medicare Provider Number you may do so under the following circumstances:

Government-funded programs and initiatives

The following Medicare programs and federal government initiatives recognise Accredited Mental Health Social Workers as being eligible to provide a particular service. Some may ask social workers to meet additional requirements.

As outlined by Department of Health, Accredited Mental Health Social Workers who have a Medicare provider number may only provide Focussed Psychological Strategies' (FPS) services through the Better Access to Mental Health Care, Chronic Disease Management and Access to Allied Psychological Services programs.

Becoming an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Steps to applying for accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker

Frequently asked questions

Mental health policy and advocacy

Advocacy by the AASW has led to many breakthroughs for mental health social workers, including the ability to provide services under Medicare. We advocate for better social policy in this space through submissions to government and independent inquiries, including national and state senate inquiries and royal commissions.

Promoting your services

You can promote yourself to the public and to GPs by accessing our brochures

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Maintaining your credential

Once you have successfully obtained your credential, you must maintain it by:

  1. Meeting your annual CPD requirements
  2. Meeting your recency of practice requirements
  3. Renewing your annual AASW membership and paying the associated fee
  4. Renewing your annual AASW credential membership and paying the associated fee.

Can I put my credential status on hold?

There is no official process for putting your credential status on hold. Rather, if you choose not to renew your credential for any specific financial year, your credential membership will lapse, and you will be required to apply for reinstatement if you choose to renew it in the future.

If you need to re-instate your credential, you will need to follow the re-instatement process.

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