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Processing times

The credentialing assessment team is working through pre-assessment of all applications in a fair first in first out approach.

We are unable to respond to requests for application updates by phone as this would delay assessment further.

If you are concerned about your application progress and have not heard from us for more than 4 weeks, please email for AMHSW queries.

For all other credentials (Clinical, Family Violence, Child Protection and Disability) please email

Stages for online applications

Once you have submitted your online application it will progress to "Under Review" status and will be locked from any further changes.

  • Phase 1 - A pre-assessment of your application will begin to confirm the documentation lodged is complete and correct.
  • Phase 2 - A pre assessment will then commence which will include an initial assessment of certain criteria. You will be advised if further information is required, you may be contacted several times during this process.
  • Phase 3 - If the pre-assessment decides that your documentation is complete and you have met the basic criteria, you will be contacted regarding your case study activity. This does not mean that all other criteria have been met, the external assessor will consider your application as a whole.
  • Phase 4 - Following completion of your case study task, your application will be allocated to an external assessor for consideration. You will be advised when this occurs, and you should receive an outcome within three weeks from that time.

Timelines For Processing Applications

The time taken will be influenced by the completeness of your original application, the time taken to provide further information necessary for assessment and dates for the case study activity.

Most applications will be assessed within 6 to 10 weeks depending on the above.

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