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Renewal Process

The AASW invite you to renew your membership and continue to be part of our collective voice that provides the expertise to lead dialogue and make vital changes in the areas of health, human rights, social justice and social services. Renewing your AASW Membership is quick and easy!

Renewing Your AASW Membership Online

As an AASW Member, you can renew your AASW Membership online at a time that is most convenient for you. If you have multiple AASW Memberships, you will need to repeat the process as required.

To renew your AASW Membership online, simply follow the process below:

1. Log into the AASW Website

Go to the AASW website and select 'Member Login' in the top right corner. To log in, enter in your AASW Member Number and password.

2. Go to 'My Memberships'

Once logged into the AASW website, hover over the 'Membership' tab in the menu and select the 'My Memberships' option.

3. Select Your Membership

Select the membership you'd like to renew and click 'Renew and update your details' or 'Renew and update your branch and/or type'

4. Complete the Renewal Process

Follow instructions provided to complete the renewal process. Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 for any other memberships that you hold.

Important Note: AASW Members with multiple memberships need to return to the 'My Membership' page and select their next membership/credential from the dropdown box and repeat the process. If an AASW Member does not renew their credential by 30 June 2021, they will need to go through the reinstatement process. Please note, all relevant CPD requirements must be fulfilled in order to renew your credential.

To help guide our Members, the AASW has also created a short video to guide you through the steps of the renewal process.

Completing the AASW Membership Renewal Form

If you experience any issues with renewing your AASW Membership online, you can alternatively complete the AASW Membership Renewal form.

To do so, simply follow the process below:

1. Download the Form

Download the AASW Membership Renewal Form from the AASW website.

2. Complete the Form

Provide the relevant details, payment information and declarations.

3. Save the Form

Once completed, name and save your AASW Membership Renewal form to your computer.

4. Email the Form

Email a copy of your completed form to

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