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Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

AASW and Maurice Blackburn: Our legal service for social workers

We have partnered with Australia’s leading social justice law firm, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, to launch a free legal consultation service for all our members and their families covering a range of different legal issues our members currently face. The collaboration agreement will provide AASW members and their families with a “one-stop shop” for legal-related enquiries.

The areas Maurice Blackburn can assist with include, but are not limited to:

  • Court matters
  • Consent
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Complaints
  • Personal injury.

If you need legal help, you can receive a complimentary 30-minute first consultation with a Maurice Blackburn lawyer where the query is within Maurice Blackburn’s area of expertise*, or a referral to a 30-minute consultation with another law firm where possible if it’s outside Maurice Blackburn’s expertise.

*with the exception of employment law where a fee for the first consultation applies. One consultation per financial year.


Maurice Blackburn Lawyers legal service will operate alongside AASW's existing $20 million member's professional indemnity and $20 million public liability insurance we currently have in place with Berkley Insurance.

Important: if you are the recipient of a client complaint, it is necessary to advise Berkley Insurance immediately.

Webinars and resources

In the coming months, we will develop a series of webinars and fact sheets with Maurice Blackburn specific to social workers. Check back here soon!

Personal injury

Superannuation claims: If you cannot work for any medical reason, or illness has forced you to reduce your working hours, Maurice Blackburn can help you access TPD or income protection entitlements available through your superannuation.

Compensation law: Maurice Blackburn are experts in injury compensation law and can assist you with workers’ compensation, road accident injuries, asbestos and dust-related diseases.

Public liability: If you have been hurt in a public place, such as a shopping centre, a park, or even on the footpath through no fault of your own, Maurice Blackburn can assist with a public liability claim.

Wills and estate planning

50% of adult Australians do not have a valid will, leaving families and loved one’s vulnerable should they need to manage an estate. Maurice Blackburn can assist you with all aspects of estate planning and administration including creating a will, helping manage a deceased estate and providing legal advice for contested wills.

You can start the process by using the Maurice Blackburn online service for making a will.

Clinical executor: If you require succession planning for your private practice in the case of sudden or terminal illness, complete the form below and AASW will triage to Maurice Blackburn if necessary. Read more about the role of clinical executors.

Workplace industrial relations

Employment law: Maurice Blackburn can provide assistance with employment disputes and employment contract reviews*. However, please note that Maurice Blackburn cannot provide advice on employment disputes where the disputing parties are both AASW members. This would result in a conflict of interest. Maurice Blackburn will connect you with one of their trusted referrer partners when a conflict is identified.

*These will attract a fee.

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Please call our membership number on 03 9320 1000.

Maurice Blackburn's website.

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