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Testimonials 2023

Mentoring Testimonials 2023

Our Mentoring program in 2023 saw a significant increase in participants in the mentoring program from last year. 775 members applied with 369 pairs of mentors and mentees matched to participate in the program. Most met six times or more over six months with the majority meeting online due to the geographical distribution of participants.

See what our members had to say about their experience in the 2023 mentoring program.

Testimonial: Mentor from the 2023 program – Stephan Lund

 Testimonial: Mentee from the 2023 program – Narelle Kennedy

Feedback from mentors included:

The Mentor program was a great opportunity. I enjoyed watching my mentee’s confidence develop throughout the program as she recognised the Social Work theories and strategies that she was consistently drawing on within her day to day practice. Although we both worked in completely different areas, we quickly found mutual ground and developed a wonderful relationship. 

My first experience of mentoring was very rewarding. I felt privileged to be part of a fellow social worker’s journey and felt honoured that my own practice experience was acknowledged and valued. I liked having the flexibility of contact within set parameters, as it provided containment as well as the resources, which were very useful at the start to help guide this journey. I would like to thank the AASW for providing me with the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program. 

Being an AASW mentor is an honour. I so enjoyed the experience of mentoring a new graduate this year. It’s been a highlight of my year. I’d highly recommend it as it a great way to pay it forward to the social work profession. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the program because it has been interesting, supportive, and fulfilling. It has been an opportunity to engage in relationship with a fellow social worker with whom I would likely never have come in contact within my daily life or work life. It has been a joy to hear about his practice, values, and life journey and to share mine too. He and I realised pretty quickly that the relationship would not be top down in shape or form but rather a sharing between fellow travellers. It has been interesting figuring out the uniqueness of the relationship in that it really stands between the common forms such as supervision and counselling. It has been a privilege to walk the journey with him and I am grateful for the benefits that have come at a particular time in my life and career. Thank you to my mentee and to AASW for delivering this innovative program for a profession I am very proud of. 

Thank you to the AASW for initiating this Mentoring Program As a Mentor I have enjoyed getting to know another social worker; happily for us have both worked in Community Health which made it easier to understand the challenges in the Mentee’s work place. My Mentee was very keen to make the most of the opportunities presented by the Mentoring Program. She was very clear on her goals, and we worked toward these. In the process, I learnt much about myself, in particular my capacity for deep listening and allowing the Mentee to have the space for self-expression. Our discussions became more frank and fearless over time which suggests growing trust for both participants in the Mentoring relationship. I have gained much from this Program would recommend it highly. 

Feedback from mentees included:

A massive thank you to the AASW Mentoring cohort. I couldn’t have been better matched to a mentor if you tried. My mentor understood what I wanted to achieve from being in the program and it was a highly valuable experience which enabled me to see a clear plan on how to move forward in my own business. Thank you 

I cannot recommend the AASW Social Work mentoring program enough. I was paired with a fantastic mentor who made sure to collaboratively work towards my goals in each session. By the end of the program, I have found myself in a social work leadership position and have pivoted into a form of social work direct practice in which I have always wanted to work. Meeting these career progression goals would not have occurred, however, without the support, encouragement, coaching, check-ins, and resources provided by my mentor. I really want to thank the AASW for creating and offering this opportunity! 

Participating in the AASW mentoring program has been a really valuable experience for my career as a clinical social worker. The guidance and support I received from my mentor was instrumental for my professional growth, providing me with personalized insights and valuable skill development. The guidance and constructive feedback I received from my mentor ensured that my specific goals were addressed, making this journey immensely rewarding. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity and highly recommend the AASW mentoring program to any social worker seeking to advance their career. 

This was an incredible opportunity to learn from an experienced Social Worker in the field. It was a great space to discuss social work related issues on the structural, cultural and personal levels. This program greatly contributed to my development as a graduate Social Worker. 

The best thing about the program is that as a busy mother of three children it forced me to take time for myself every month, which had a positive effect on my mental health, and helped me to invest in myself, and challenge myself to try new things. This program has been a lifesaver for me, both professionally and personally. I cannot thank the AASW enough for running this program. I highly recommend it to all social workers: those just starting out in social work, retired social workers, and social workers who have been in the profession for thirty years or more. We all need to be challenged and to learn new things. Investing in one another is a wonderful thing.