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Drought resources

Anita Willey, NSW BMC member from Bathurst, has kindly forwarded a list of drought-related resources for rural communities.

Annual Social Justice Award

AASW NSW is pleased to announce that the 2018 Social Justice Award was awarded to Sue Foley.

Sue has been a social worker for more than 40 years and in this time has been an outspoken advocate in the area of child protection. She was a pivotal player in the establishment of the Western Sydney Shaken Baby Prevention Project, a large-scale advocacy project that aims to educate and empower those who care for small children. Sue is currently the Director of the NSW Children's Court Clinic, the first social worker to hold this position.

Please read more about Sue's social work journey in an article she wrote for Social Work Focus.

Congratulations Sue!

Update June 2018:

Sue has finally received her award in person.  

Take one small step to make one big difference

As you may have seen, the Australian Association of Social Workers partnered with the Cancer Institute NSW earlier this year to support the pilot of the One Small Step – One Big Difference project to encourage referrals to the NSW Quitline. The pilot was a great success, contributing to a 28% increase in referrals, and, as a result, the project will now be rolled out state-wide.

As a project partner, we are excited about the opportunity to now be able to make an even bigger difference to people in NSW who smoke and to the community.

Despite the significant reduction in smoking rates across NSW, tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in NSW with over 47,000 people hospitalised and nearly 5,500 deaths attributed to smoking in NSW each year. Additionally, up to 75% of people with a mental health issue, and 20% of those who experience social and economic disadvantage in NSW currently smoke.

We, as social workers, have the opportunity to make a big difference to the health of our people who smoke and help them start their quitting journey. While this might not always be top of mind, quitting smoking is tied to better mental health outcomes, and is associated with reduced depression, anxiety, and stress.

The NSW Quitline is a free, evidence-based service that can help you support individuals at risk and can double their chances of quitting smoking successfully. A NSW Quitline referral is simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes, but can make a big difference to the health and lives of individuals, and help reduce preventable tobacco-related disease in our community.

Hear from NSW social worker Nicole Laurance about her experience with NSW Quitline and the important role social worker can play in smoking cessation.

Visit for more information.

From the Koori Mail

Reprinted with permission from the Koori Mail - the fortnightly national indigenous newspaper.

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