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North Queensland Branch

Branch Overview

The North Queensland Branch, with over 480 members, is managed by a voluntary Branch Management Committee elected by the Branch membership. The Branch represents Social Workers from north of latitude 22, from Clairview on the coast through Moranhbah, the Mackay region, north to the Cape and west to the QLD/NT border.

The Branch’s key role is to provide local support for AASW members through a range of activities that enable members to network, develop practice skills and organise around social justice issues. The Branch Management Committee provides the conduit for communications between members in North Queensland and the broader National Association.

The North Queensland Branch delivers value to members via several channels:

  • Advocating for social justice issues relevant to social workers and their service users
  • Collaborating with members to build a stronger voice for the profession in the region
  • Focusing on issues and priorities identified by our members
  • Monitoring the news and potential impacts on the profession
  • Developing and promoting Continuing Professional Development opportunities
  • Supporting members to organise around common interests through Practice Groups.

The voluntary Branch Management Committee members have a wealth of knowledge and experience, working within varying sectors of the community, and offer support and representation for Social Worker members within the region.

Please email the North Queensland Branch if you would like to get involved or bring any issues to the attention of the Branch Management Committee at

North Queensland Branch


Branch Spotlight

The Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) is reviewing the current Anti-Discrimination Legislation:

The Review will look at whether Queensland’s anti-discrimination law protects and promotes equality and non-discrimination to the greatest extent possible. More information can be found here:

The QHRC is commencing the public consultation stage by conducting community conversation sessions in various locations throughout Queensland. These sessions are public and open to the whole community. Anyone is welcome to attend. For more information and registration links, please see

Queensland Intermediary Scheme Pilot Program – prequalified panel:

In response to recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the QLD DJAG has established a witness intermediary pilot scheme. The scheme commenced on 5th July 2021 and is currently urgently seeking more panel members to support the pilot; in particular in the Cairns region.

The role of the intermediary is to facilitate communication between the witness and police and/or the witness and courts by:

• assessing witness’s communication and describing any specific communication assistance required

• providing practical strategies on how to best communicate with the witness and how to pose a question to get the most reliable evidence

• informing directions hearings, where applicable, to establish court communication guidelines for a vulnerable witness

• writing court reports about an individual’s communication needs.

Legislatively, only those with qualifications in speech pathology, psychology, occupational therapy or social work are eligible to be appointed as an intermediary.

The scheme applies to any child sexual offence prosecution witness who:

• is under 16 years, or

• is a person with an impairment of the mind, or

• has difficulty communicating.

Individuals with an interest in applying for this role may apply by completing the application on the Queensland Courts website here:


NQLD Branch Management Committee Vacancy

Casual vacancies have arisen on the NQLD Branch Management Committee. If you are a member and interested in nominating for this office, please contact the branch at and arrange to complete a nomination form.

AASW QLD Social Policy Subcommittee – Call for members

The AASW QLD Social Policy Subcommittee is seeking social workers from north Queensland and far north Queensland to join our committee.

The Queensland Social Policy Subcommittee is committed to engaging with critical policy, advocacy and social justice issues that impact Queensland and North Queensland member social workers and their clients.

We are seeking representative members from north and far north Queensland to join our committee to add a voice from the north on crucial campaigns.

The Committee contributes to the development of policy submissions, media releases and responses to state government campaigns. Meetings occur on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 6-8pm.

The group is a vibrant mix of enthusiastic and motivated social workers from across the state who care deeply about social justice issues. The committee is supported by the AASW’s national social policy team. Key areas of social policy action include:

  • Social Work Registration
  • Mental Health
  • Domestic and Family Violence (DFV)
  • Child Protection
  • Homelessness
  • Reconciliation
  • Aged Care
  • Refugee & People Seeking Asylum
  • Sustainability & Climate Change

If you are working in any of these areas and / or have a keen interest in social policy, please contact the North Queensland Branch President, Helen Sheeran, for more information at

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