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Living Histories Project

NSW Branch Living Histories Project

This project was developed by Annie Crowe during her time as NSW Branch President and supported by Nives Crvenkovic, who was the Professional Officer for the Branch at that time. Annie and Nives interviewed a number of extraordinary people, discussing their study and work experiences as a social worker. The interviews were conducted between 2009-2011. A collation of the interviews has been compiled, and or you can also browse the individual interviews below.

Compilation of interviews

Duration: 52 minutes

Individual interviews

Beth Ward Cliffe

Duration: 11 minutes


Elspeth Browne

Duration: 21 minutes


Kathleen George Hamilton

Duration: 10 minutes

Margaret Lukes

Duration: 10 minutes


Mary Doughty 

Duration: 17 minutes


Nancy MacKay Fleming

Duration: 10 minutes


Sheila Truswell

Duration: 23 minutes


Tess Hayward and Jane Helsham 

Duration: 20 minutes


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