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Northern Territory BMC

NT Committee Members 2021

Lauren Buckley - NT Branch President

I graduated as a social worker from the University of Queensland, and arrived in Alice Springs in 2009 on a camping trip that has continued for ten years! My speciality areas are clinical supervision, somatic trauma release, and alcohol and other drugs/mental health. I have my own private practice providing supervision and attachment and trauma therapy, and also work as the director of an Aboriginal health workforce across over 30 communities in the Territory from the Top End to Central Australia. I've worked in health centres from Arnhem Land to the Tiwi Islands, to the border of SA for the past 8 years. I provide training for health professionals in drug and alcohol assessment and interventions, vicarious trauma, and mental health. I also am the creator of multiple Territory-specific drug and alcohol and mental health resources for Aboriginal people in remote settings. I have a passion for workforce development and supervision, and that all human services professionals have access to quality, meaningful supervision that supports them in their profession.

Brett Barney

I am a social worker with the Department of Human Services. I have been in Katherine since 2016 and have no intention of going anywhere else fast! I work in Katherine, and as a remote social worker, covering the Kimberley/Katherine Region across Northern Australia. I have been a statutory social worker since 2001, but also have experience in the private sector. I worked as an independent contractor, conducting relative and kinship care assessments; and re-unification assessments to child protection agencies (via a third party organisation) in QLD, NSW, Victoria, SA, and WA. I studied via correspondence at Monash University. My passion is rights-based social work, and ensuring that the human rights of the most vulnerable people in our society are upheld. I also want to make sure that the voices of our rural and remote social workers across the NT are heard, so that we may continue to recruit social workers where they are most needed.

Suhaila Rizqallah

Jill Garratt

Julie Perrin

Tim Donovan

Branch Services Coordinator - Terrie Said

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phone 03 9320 1000

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