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SA Branch

Branch Overview

AASW South Australia is an active Branch with over 1300 members from the dry west coast to the cooler eastern coast and everywhere in between, managed by a voluntary Branch Management Committee elected by the membership. Our major focus areas are the enhancement of the social work profession and the wellbeing of our members.

The SA Branch Services Coordinator is Kristen Keley.

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Branch Spotlight

SA Branch Volunteering Opportunities

As a Member driven organisation the SA Branch is staffed by a small office team supporting a broad base of volunteers who make possible all the activities provided to Members. Volunteer roles in the Branch include:

Planning activities of the branch

  • joining committees / working parties for projects
  • 1- 2 hours per week including a monthly meeting
  • create the events you and your peers want to experience!

Event facilitation

  • hosting continuing professional development workshops or social policy consultations
  • up to 5 hours across the last couple of weeks leading up to an event
  • attend sessions for free learning and networking!


  • raise the voice of social work by participation in agency / advisory meetings (usually monthly)
  • gather input from members on key SA issues for our profession
  • influence social policy discussions by contributing a voice of experience!
Are you eligible to volunteer?

Being self organised, passionate about the future of social work, an AASW Member, a team work approach and availability to help out is all you need to be an AASW SA volunteer!

What do we offer?

We will provide you with ongoing support to achieve the goals of your role.  Just as we provide our existing volunteers consistent support and the right tools to make volunteering easy to do.  

As part of your orientation you will meet your team, we will run through the tasks and expectations of the role, share information on the overall workings of the Branch and give you a Volunteer Tool-kit (also available online) with short easy to read policies, checklists and templates that to help keep track of what you do here. 

Your positive experience as an AASW SA volunteer will include working along side experienced volunteers from a range of backgrounds who support each other and rightly have pride in their volunteer achievements.

Enquiries/ Key Contacts

Contact details for each of the Branch activities can be found on our Committees and Group Contacts page



Contact us

P: 03 9320 1000 or 1800 630 124 (toll free alternative)

Tues-Fri 8.00am-4.00pm
Branch Services Coordinator:
Kristen Keley

Connect with us on:

AASW - Australian Association of Social Workers