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Snapshots of SW in South Australia

In 2016 the AASW SA 70th Celebrations Group spent some time building a video snapshot of the social workers of South Australia in 2016 this our 70th year of the AASW.

Short Interview Format is being used to provide a glimpses of the experiences, goals and pride South Australian Social Workers have in their profession.

These stories of how this collection of AASW SA members came to work, study and support the profession in South Australia demonstrates a highly skilled and considered approach to working with individuals, groups and communities to enable their well-being.

Click on the images below to see a range of two to three minute video clips of what a selection our 2016 Members want others to know about social work in South Australia.

Carole Zufferey

Sunita Rani

Lorna Hallahan

Mary Hood

Cheryl Hillier

Christopher Dolman

Dr. Dhamu Pongiyannanm

Gillian Munro

Sarah Watson

Simon Schrapel

Sophie Diamandi

Robby Drake

Patricia Muncey

Nilan Yu

Nicole Moulding

Helena de Anstiss

Fiona Buchanan

Susie Wilke

Mariloly Reyes

Deepa Chacko

Hailey Lawrence

Andrea Gonzales

Maria Scicchitano

Caitlin Dennis-Clarke

Zhongyan Sun

Yuwei Liu

Xiyi Ding

Xiaoran Sun

Tian Xiaoxi (Timothy)

Sarita Oli

Reeva Cecil

Nuhan Sidibay

Miao Zhang

Men Chen

Martin Rashidi

Lovepreet Kaur

Linga Reddy Pisati

Laxmi Mainali

Kulveer Singh

Jaswinder Kaur Maau



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