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Green Social Work Network

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This practice group is undergoing a change of committee.

Established in 2016, the Green Social Work Network (GSWN) represents the unique field of social work that focuses on sustainability and environmental issues. This AASW Practice Group is concerned with how social work practices can become more holistic and explore the ‘human with the environment’ approach. The group is committed to providing opportunities for discussion, networking, learning and exploration for members and the wider social work community.
Matters of sustainability and conservation are already impacting our way of life, especially those in vulnerable communities. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) highlight the need for immediate change and adaptation. The AASW is a strong supporter of the SDG’S. The GSWN aims to further the professions commitment to the SDG’s and to the protection of our local and global community.

The world we live in is rapidly changing and evolving, as is our Practice Group. The GSWN is made up of social workers from different disciplines and we’re looking to continue expanding our group so as to engage with all areas of social work. The need for green social work has never been more pressing.

We take this opportunity to welcome all social workers to explore this area and to engage with the GSWN, as a way to support sustainable social work practices in a changing world.

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  • Greening social work practice
  • Raising awareness around our role as Green Social Work practitioners
  • Highlight the different dimensions of sustainability: social, environmental, ethical, historical, intergenerational, and economic
  • Promote a planetary-consciousness approach
  • Promote a holistic understanding of the environment
  • Promote sustainable ways of living and practicing as social workers
  • Promote eco-integrity ethics
  • Advocate the need to embed sustainability and spirituality in the social work curriculum
  • Promote adding a spiritual model to bio-psycho-social assessment
  • Advocate that human-constructed ethics should not promote the exploitation of animals
  • Identify the consequences of slow violence and ways macro, meso and micro social work practice can bring about social change
  • Promote the decolonization of social work practice
  • Critically analyse the challenges neoliberalism brings forth

Aims / Focus

  • Awareness raising of our role
  • Identify and document Green Social Work placements
  • Group discussions
  • Film screenings
  • Guest speakers and lectures
  • Organising symposia and fora
  • Undertaking research and creating position papers
  • Writing articles for the Social Work Connect
  • Design and facilitate workshops
  • Prioritise political work and advocacy


Membership is open to all social workers and social work students in Victoria (members and non-members of the AASW). There are no costs for becoming a member of the Green Social Work Network. At events and meetings a gold coin donation is strongly encouraged to cover printing costs.

The practice group welcomes new members to our committee. Please contact the convenor via e-mail to discuss this further.

2019 Events

On hold.

Past Events

Greening our Community, North Melbourne
Friday 1 June, 6:30 - 8:30pm


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Green Social Work News Share

The monthly News Share keeps you in touch with current projects, upcoming events and items of interest to members.

Green Social Work News Share - May 2016


  • Naomi Klein in Conversation, Melbourne, Nov 2016, podcast.
  • Urban Agriculture Forum, November, 2016 that has valuable information and links to community projects both in Australia and overseas. Ask Convenor for notes if interested.
  • Land cultures: Aboriginal economies and permaculture futures, a film published on Youtube featuring Bruce Pascoe and David Holmgren (2016).
  • Volunteering opportunities:
    - Climate for Change facilitators (4-5hrs per week), Melbourne.
    - Healthy Futures, Melbourne: It is an organization of allied health professionals taking action to address climate change. We have partnered with HF for joint events in the past and our members frequently attend their meetings. Email convenor for more information.
    - Borderlands Cooperative, Melbourne.
  • The Social Work Connect - Volume 3, No. 2 featured an article by the Green Social Work Network's convenor entitled 'Ecologically Conscious Social Work'.

Ecologically Conscious Social Work - Social Work Connect 2014

Contact the Victorian Branch

Anneka Farrington
Victorian Branch Services Coordinator
(Monday to Wednesday)

T: 03 9320 1000

Level 7, 14-20 Blackwood Street
North Melbourne

PO Box 2008
Royal Melbourne Hospital
Parkville Vic 3050

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