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Professional development

Your Distinction: our credentialing program

Apply for our latest credentials: Family Violence and Clinical Social Worker. Find out more.

Empowering Excellence

Empowering Excellence: Social Work Online Training.

Social Work Focus

Social Work Focus informs you of innovative practice, reflections, research and advice, as well as honouring the achievements of members.

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Member notices

Transformation update

The AASW is transforming and improving the way you access member services and information.

Did you graduate recently?

Email for instructions on upgrading from student to graduate member for free now. 

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Social policy and advocacy

Medicare Benefits Schedule review

Advocating for social workers in the Medicare Benefits Schedule review. 

World Social Work Day 2020

World Social Work Day 2020: Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships

Submissions in progress

AASW advocacy includes responding and presenting evidence to government inquiries and royal commissions. Browse by year or by issue. We are currently preparing submissions for several government enquiries.

Position papers

Our position and briefing papers support social workers and others who are responding to government inquiries or approaching their local MP.

Scope of practice series

This series promotes social work practice in key fields and explores social work and psychosocial assessments and case management.

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